The Fabulous Taco Brothers are a Phoenixville based band that have been providing classic-rock, oldies, and blues as well as other forms of music to the local area since 2010. Each of the five members is also currently a teacher and educator in Chester County. Our love for music is rivaled only by our love for helping and teaching students. 

Mark Bilodeau (Lead Guitar / Vocals):
Raised in beautiful Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, Mark has been playing guitar since the ninth grade and has been making music in the local area for many years. After high school, Mark ventured to Los Angeles where he became a full-time member of the music world working as an audio engineer for Cherry Sound. During this time, Mark leant his acoustic expertise to many world famous musical acts such as Aerosmith, the Ramones, Smokey Robinson, the Clash, and Kenny Loggins. In 2010, Mark founded the Fabulous Taco Brothers and has been wailing away on his guitar ever since. His passion for music combined with his technical ability allow for him to captivate audiences at Taco performances. 

Jeremy Fox (Bass / Saxophone / Vocals):
At age 10, much to the chagrin of his parents, Jeremy entered his childhood home on a fall afternoon with brand new, shiny alto saxophone. The love of music that began on this day, ultimately launched Jeremy in the direction of New Orleans, where he attended Tulane University. While in the Crescent City, he spent four years as the first tenor saxophonist in Tulane jazz band. Jeremy also spent many a night performing with local artists, the Fournet Brothers in the French quarter, and even opened for Cajun legend Zachary Richard. Upon returning to the Philadelphia area in the mid 90’s, Jeremy joined he Alligators 
Blues Band thus continuing his music career. Not long after this, Jeremy found a new passion within the realm of music in playing the bass, which is his primary role in the Taco Brothers, a role that he enjoys immensely.  

T.J. Litz (Drums / Vocals):
Born in West Chester, PA, .J. has been playing drums since he was 12 years old. A consummate professional, he has played with numerous groups over the years 
both live and in studio. T.J. has laid down the beat for the Backyard Garbage Band, the Jacob Crow band, Why Not ?, Cat's Eye, and more recently, Obsession. He has performed as the opening act for Robert Hazzerd and has jammed on stage with the legendary
George Thorogood. T.J.’s musical knowledge and expertise are legendary in and of themselves. He is a founding member of the Taco Brothers and rocks the house with undeniable passion and unflappable precision. 

Corbin Stoltzfus (Lead Vocals):
Corbin was born and raised in the Pottstown area and is the newest addition to the Taco’s lineup. Corbin comes from a family of highly talented vocalists and musicians. He was brought up in an environment where music was omnipresent thus his musical passion runs deep. Corbin recently performed at his school’s faculty talent show as the lead vocalist and front man for the faculty band. Students and staff alike were blown away by his smooth voice and natural singing ability. Thus the Taco Brothers are very excited to have him on board as their lead singer and look forward to performing with him in upcoming shows.

Aiden Fox (guitar)
Not only does Jeremy Fox play a mean bass, sax and harmonica, he is raising a couple of really good musicians. We are please to have his son Aiden join us on guitar. He is a very talented soloist at the tender age of 14 and helps the Tacos add dueling guitar solos especially on some of Neil Young's tunes. Listen for his version of She's not There by the Zombies. 


Mark Bilodeau
Guitar, slide and Bass

Jeremy Fox
Bass and Sax

T.J. Litz

Aiden Fox

Corbin Stoltzfus
vocals and cowbell

Honorary Taco Brothers

Doc the rock dog
Randy Durn - guitar, keyboards and sweet vocals
Stu - Guitar, vocals 
(founding member)
Rob - G tuned guitar
Rich G - Bass
Dave N - Congas
Gene S- Guitar, vocals
John C- Ludwig Drums
Marshall - Drop down bass and heater